Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Not Letterman's Canned Ham

These Canned Hams would be a good gift for employees or coworkers. At Greater Gourmet you can buy them by the case to save money. Why not buy a case and have it delivered to the local food pantry. Hurry, Christmas is coming.

Chocolate Wafer Cookies

Loacker Quadratini Chocolate Creme Wafers are a crispy chocolate treat. My kids really like these in their lunches. Wholesale Bulk Cookies also has these in Coconut, Hazelnut, Lemon and Vanilla. Yummy!


Pest Control Products has "built a better mouse trap". Well actually SNAP-E built them but you can buy a "better mousetrap" at the Pest Control Procucts site. These are so easy to bait and easy to release. MouseTrap!

Gourmet Candy for those Christmas Stockings

Toni-Gourmet has Gourmet Bulk Candy, Gourmet Candy Novelties, Gourmet Candy Rolls and Count Goods, Gourmet Candy Tins, Gourmet Licorice and Gourmet Packaged Candy. All ready for Christmas delivery. I really like the Christmas novelties, they are so unique.

Keep Your Feet Dry This Winter

Nag's Tack and Western can't be beat in the foot race. They have a great selection of quality boots, hikers and slip-ons to keep your feet warm and dry this Winter. These great Kiltie Hiking Boots have a Moisture Wicking Liner and Cushioned Comfort Insole. They have a 100% leather upper too. Great boot at a great price.