Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Salmon Glaze for Grilling

This all natural Daddy Sam's Salmon Glaze is one of those to die for products. I tried it recently at a friends BBQ and it was amazing. Just the right flavor to compliment the salmon without overpowering it. This is from It's All About BBQ .com


Smell the Sweet Smell of Summer Raspberries

You will definately enjoy this one! ChickenMash Farm was selling this sweet smelling Raspberry Hand Lotion from their booth at a local festival this past weekend and once I smelled it I couldn't walk away without buying a couple. I keep one in the bath and the other in our travel bag for vacations. Really nice fragrance for summer.


High Quality Spinner Bait Fishing Lures

Venom Lures: Spinner Baits
Quality made spinner baits with death grip hook and new lumiflex or silicon skirts. Ball bearing swivels. Double willow leaf blades. These are the ultimate in spinners. My husband prefers it in their brown/orange color.