Thursday, August 10, 2006

Cool Off with a Cherry Sundae!

Cherry Sundae Hand Lotion from ChickenMash Farm will cool your off this summer. The smell of cherries with a hint of vanilla. Contains fragrance oil. Your husband will love the sweetness of this Goat Milk Lotion.

Nantucket Off Shore Apple Martini

Apple Martini anyone? Next gathering of friends you have you really need to serve something alittle different. That's how I found this Nantucket Off Shore Apple Martini Mix from Greater Gourmet. I served these the last time the girls and I got together for a little gossip fest! They all loved them. It was a great summer drink to serve on the deck.

Western Wildflower Collection Purse

Here's a great new style from American West Leather Goods. It's a Single Compartment Everyday Tote from their Western Wildflower Collection. Flap over top snaps shut. Inside zip compartment and two pouches. Blue/green and brown chrome leathers. Strap length = 23 inches. Quality in every stitch! Avaiable from one of my favorite stores- Nag's Tack and Western.

Moth and Beetle Traps

Here is a really good Food Pest Kit from Pest Control Products online. Each Kit contains 2 Hanging Traps for Indian Meal Moth and 2 pitfall traps for moths and beetle pantry pests. The hanging NoSurvivor traps are specifically designed for capturing stored food moths. The pheromone with these traps will attract male Indian Meal Moth and Mediterranean Flour Moth. The PantryPatrol pitfall trap is specifically designed to captured stored food beetles. Pheromone is incorporated into a food attractant gel. This combination has been known to attract over 20 species of stored product beetles. Although the PantryPatrol is designed as a beetle trap, They have also included a pheromone for stored food moths to help monitor these pests as well. Awesome kit, guys at a wonderful savings!

Italian Espresso

If you're craving a hearty, hot cup of Java then I have the place for you - LaFina Online Coffee Shop. They sell all types of gourmet coffees like this Caffe Kimbo Italian Espresso. Wakes you up with that fresh aroma every morning!