Thursday, May 11, 2006

Gourmet Brie Cheese

Greater Gourmet has a wide selection of gourmet cheeses like this wonderful Brie Cheese. This Gourmet Brie Cheese is made by Simply Grand and that is just what it is-Simply Grand. Order some for your next party or get together.

Island Delight Goat Milk Soap

Island Delight Goat Milk Soap gives you the tropical feel with pure cocoa butter, a natural moisturizer and skin emollient. Hand wrapped in calico fabric. Contains fragrance oil. Made by the folks at ChickenMash Farm just for you!

Dog / Pet Beds & is a wonderul place to shop for your pet beds. They make durable, quality beds for your pets. They are washable too! Check them out by clicking on the link above.

World's First Permanent/Disposable Flying Insect Trap System

Check this out. It's The Advantage Flying Insect Trap from Pest Control Products. It's permanent because it is made of a durable, break-resistant molded plastic which can be used over and over again. It's disposable because there is a throw-away liner for easy clean-up.

Roper Performance "Fashion Babies" Slip-On Shoes

I wanted to show you these awesome Roper Performance "Fashion Babies" Slip-On Shoes. I love the denim look. Here is what Nag's Tack and Western's website says about them.
Denim Blue Faux Ostrich Leather Slip-On
Padded Cushion Insole For Begginner Walkers
Non-Marking Rubber Outersoles
Fullgrain Leather Lining
Cemented Construction For Durability, Comfort And Style
Easy Pull Strap