Thursday, October 27, 2005

Moisturizing Body Spray

It's a fragrant moisturizing body spray with the added bonus of lotion. I really like this scent because it reminds me of past tropical vacations. If only we could vacation all winter long.

Tiramisu Cookies

I would buy these cookies just for the beautiful packaging. Isn't it awesome? Tiramisu Cookies in a decorative present box. Luckily they taste as good as the package looks.

The Perfect Sized Case

This Industrial Hard Case is the perfect size for all your business needs. Made strong to protect all it's valuable contents. Heavy duty recessed butterfly latches with lock hasps.

America's Best Bed and Breakfast Recipes

America's Best Bed and Breakfast Recipes are just in time for Holiday baking. I've heard that some of the world's best cooks are bed and breakfast owners. I would have to agree, right Mom? It's just not fair that Mom's guests enjoy her cooking more than I do. Can't wait for Thanksgiving.

Sundae Cups

Tulip Sundae cups are new at Wine Glasses and More. Just in time for your Thanksgiving feast. Remember to save room for dessert! Oh, and did I mention that any dessert served in a clear dish is fat free? Wishfully thinking, huh.

Rid Your Pantry of Pests

Before stocking your pantry for the winter months be sure and pick up some Pantry Patrol. This food attractant is designed to lure and capture a variety of beetles and moths that attack your stored food.

Salsa Baby!

Texas Salsa Sampler 8oz. Jars of Salsa Bobos, Texacante, Queso Loco, Salsa Verde, Peach Salsa. We had this salsa at our last football bash and I have to tell you that all 5 jars were bone dry by the end of the party. Go Bucks!

Gorgeous Leather Tote Purse

Every woman loves fine leather, especially when it comes in the shape of a purse! The rich color will definately get you noticed.