Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Gourmet Chocolates from France

This Easter why not treat yourself to Gourmet Chocolates from France. After all, you deserve it! Valrhona Le Lactee 40% Milk Chocolate Bar are creamy smooth. They just melt away in your mouth. Your mouth will thank you! I found these at Old World Foods website. It is the best place on the web to find your favorite foods from all around the globe.

Western Decorative Throw Pillow

Nag's Tack and Western carries the American West Home Collection of Decorative Throw Pillows. This gorgeous one is called the Golden Dust design. It is soft brown with brindle styling. 19" x 19" is a wonderful size for bed, sofa or chair. I love the fringe!

Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Mint Squares

Easter is fast approaching and I am not nearly ready. How about you? My favorite Easter Candies are these Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Mint Squares. Of course anything with chocolate becomes an instant favorite with me. Order yours from Greater Gourmet before time runs out.

Warm Vanilla Goat Milk Lotion

ChickenMash Farm has redesigned some of their packaging but thankfully they haven't changed what's inside. I love their Goat Milk Lotions because they leave my hands feeling soft and smooth. I'll share a little secret with you- I use this Warm Vanilla Lotion right before I soak my hands into my parafin wax bath. The hot wax just sends the lotion deep into my skin for a deep moisturing that leaves my hands relaxed and silky smooth.

Scare Eye Balloon Bird Deterrent

This looks like some kind of Halloween prop but with a useful purpose. This Scary Eye Balloon helps to deter birds from unwanted areas. Inflatable device that creates a predatory presence with movement, staring eyes and bright colors. Quiet and safe spot control for birds. Available from Pest Control Products online store.