Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Snacks for the Golf Lover

Snacks for the Golf Lover from ChickenMash Farm.
TOUR-MIX - A Sweet and Spicy Blend of Tee-Zels, Cheez-Teez, butter toffee peanuts, sesame patties and Cajun corn sticks. Great for all those summer golf tournaments!


Sweet and Sassy!

Honey Mustard is an all natural premium food from Chicken Mash Farms. Great on burgers and hotdogs...but my favorite way to enjoy Honey Mustard is on grilled brats! Makes your mouth water doesn't it?


7" Slammers Fishing Lure

Here is the same 7" Slammers Fishing Lure that I featured yesterday but in Venom's Red Shad color. They also sell a nice 4" Slammer Bait in an array of colors.