Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Professional Applicator, Foamer for Animal Washing/Bathing

This heavy duty foamer features a quick attach nozzle for attachment to any garden hose. Just fill the foamer with the EZ All™ product of your choice and bathe up a storm! The foamer will regulate the application of the product automatically for you! We use this for all our family pets when bathing them. The different tips give you control of the flow. Nag's tack and Western has it all!

Legendary Lavender Hand Lotion

Goat Milk Hand Lotion from Chickenmash Farm is awesome for your skin. Chickenmash Farm is featuring their Lavender Scents this month, so this is their Legendary Lavender Hand Lotion. It smells incredible and leaves your hands feeling silky smooth. Here in the Midwest, the winter weather wears on your skin, so I use lots of lotion from Chickenmash Farm.

I Love Lucy Valentine Chocolate Heart Shaped Tin

When I found these Valentines from Greater Gourmet I knew I had to share them with everyone I could. Everyone remembers the I Love Lucy episode with the chocolates and the conveyor belt, right? Well that is the inspiration behind this I Love Lucy Valentine Chocolate Heart Shaped Tin. Too cute!

PollyNet™ Bird Netting

PollyNet™ Bird Netting is made to keep birds from roosting and nesting in areas of your property that you would rather not have them. This tough, nearly invisible bird repellant netting keeps pigeons, starlings, blackbirds, sparrows and other pest birds out once and for all. This kind of pigeon control is permanent and works on all birds depending on which size bird netting you purchase. I used this netting to cover our blueberry bushes and it worked great. From Pest Control Products online store.