Thursday, February 08, 2007

Glow Sea Shrimp Bait from Venom Lures

Why use a normal plastic bait when "Real Bait" out fishes all the rest. Made with high concentrated of real bait fish. So much inherit ingredients go into "Real Bait" they have to be hand poured. This is their Glow Sea Shrimp Lure pictured.


Peijnenburg Raisin Cake

Here's a wonderful breakfast cake or dessert cake from Greater Gourmet. Peijnenburg Raisin Cake tastes great anytime of day. Serve with whipped cream for a light dessert treat.


Lavender Vanilla Natural Lip Balm

ChickenMash Farm is the only place that I will buy lip balm to protect my family from the harsh winter weather. Lavender Vanilla Natural Lip Balm with lavender essential oil and pure vanilla extract.