Thursday, September 07, 2006

Apples and Cinnamon are in season down on the farm. ChickenMash Farm is featuring all of their Apple and Cinnamon scented products this month. Pictured is their Apple and Cinnamon Goat Milk Soap. Smells like apple pie. Perfect gift for teachers. Hand wrapped in apple fabric. Isn't it cute?

Have you Heard the Buzz? Yellow Jacket Traps!

Have you heard the latest buzz? Pest Control Products has the Advantage Yellow Jacket Trap. It works like a charm to attract yellow jackets and dispose of them into a disposable liner for easy clean up. Because of the dual entry holes (top & bottom), a chimney effect is created...dispersing the lures & attractants out over a 30' radius from the trap in all directions.

Does your Horse Suffer from Sand Colic?

The term “colic” applied to horses refers to any upset of the stomach or intestines. Most horse owners who live in sandy soils are well aware of sand colic, an intestinal irritation or impaction caused by a horse ingesting sand or dirt with their feed. Here is a solution to the problem I found at Nag's Tack and Western- Fiberpsyll™. Psyllium Mucilloid–Water soluble to encapsulate sand and dirt to help cure colic in your horse. For more information and symptoms to watch for click here.

Penguin Kola Energy Gum

These lazy summer days will just zap the energy right out of you, but I found a quick pick me up yesterday at Greater Gourmet. It is a Sugar Free Penguin Kola Energy Gum. Would be great to keep on hand in your desk drawer at work for those late afternoon blahs! Better than the Snickers commercials because this is Sugar free!