Friday, January 12, 2007

Roper Leather Goods

Made of two-tone blue smooth and ostrich printed top grain leather this flap style purse is decorated with large AB crystals on the front and on the carrying strap. The purse offers a zipper compartment on the back side for checkbooks, etc.; and a small zippered coin purse size compartment on the inside. Functional, dainty and stylish. Match it with one or more of the new Roper belts.

Horn Bug Kit

Venom's Horney Bug is a fantastic pan and ice fishing bait. The Horn Bug comes in a 12 piece kit, 10 bodies and 2-1/64oz. painted heads with just the right size death grip gold hook.

"Desperate Housewives" Gift Basket

Contains - Basket, Desperate Housewives Board Game, Two Champaign Glasses, Wafer Cookies.

Harvest Song, Yellow-Pear Tomato Pickle

Yellow-Pear Tomato Pickle photographed in silver scoop is delicate fruits that burst in your mouth, revealing their naturally sweet taste, balanced by our light, tart broth infused with peppercorn, fresh dill, garlic, and bay leaf.