Monday, May 22, 2006

Wholesale Bulk Coarse Sea Salt

Wholesale Bulk Foods has almost any spice you could be looking for and at great prices. As an example, they sell Coarse Sea Salt in 5 lbs. for only $20.08. Check them out if you are in need of any spice in your life!

Ladies Abilene Cowboy / Western Boots

Western, 11" Garment Cowhide. Air Ride Comfort System. Genuine Leather Outsole. J Toe. 1½" Western Heel. Made in U.S.A. Ladies Abilene Boots come in White, Red, Antiqued Brown and Black. A color for every occasion. For sale in sizes 5-10 from Nag's Tack and Western.

Annie Chun's Noodles and Sauce

Annie Chun's makes some of the most wonderful flavored noodles and soups and I can order them anytime I want from Greater Gourmet's website. This is their scrumptious Black Bean Flavored Noodles and Sauce Meal Kit. Great for a quick lunch for the family since we know you will be even busier with the kids out of school.

Tangle Guard Tree Care Kits

Tangle Guard Tree Care Kits are an effective way to rid trees of crawling insects who must reach the tops of trees in order to feed, mate, or deposit eggs. Includes everything you need to successfully protect your valuable trees and reduce future populations of these pests. Each kit contains a 3-foot section of Tangle Guard Tree Banding Material and fasteners, and a 6 oz tube of Tree Tanglefoot Pest Barrier. This is ample for banding several small diameter rough-barked trees. To order click on this link for Pest Control Products.

Gardenia Goat Milk Soap

Imagine soaking in the wonderful scent of Gardenias. You can with this silky Gardenia Scented Goat Milk Soap from ChickenMash Farm. Order plenty so you can give a few to your best friends!