Monday, January 09, 2006

Valentine Chocolates From Lindt Chocolates

Want a great surprise for your Valentine? Give him/her Lindt chocolates. This is Lindt's Elegance Bag full of their world famous milk chocolates. It is so beautiful you won't even have to wrap it. You can order today from Greater Gourmet's website.

Hurricane Glasses

Wine Glasses and More has great prices on all of their glassware including these Hurricane Glasses. They are 15 ozs. and sell in cases of 12. They are beautiful and look even better with you favorite drink and garnish. We used them at a Luau Party and the drinks looked so professional!

Troxel Black Riding Helmet

A great Riding Helmet made by Troxel with a tough Duratec Black matte finish. Great for training or trail riding. It features silver concho accents and slightly extended visor for sun protection. Features: GPS IITM Dial Fit system and the Flip-FoldTM Fit System. A great quality helmet from Nag's Tack and Western.

Lavender is the Featured Scent this Month At Chickenmash Farm

I love the smell of lavender in my bath water and Chickenmash Farm has the most amazing lavender scented products I have every tried. This is their Legendary Lavender Goat Milk Bath Soap. Has lavender flowers and lavender essential oil added. Hand wrapped in lavender calico fabric. It just screams Bath time!

Hot Pepper Wax Pest Repellent

This is a wonderful product to use if you have problems with rabbits or tree squirrels eating your plants/garden up. We have a lot of rabbits living in and around our yard and they just love to eat everything in sight so I tried this Hot Pepper Wax from Pest Control Products and it worked so well I wanted to share it with all of you. It is safe for the animals and safe on the plants too. Pest Control Products offers free shipping on this too.