Saturday, August 19, 2006

Mosquito Repellants

This great repellant is available at Pest-Control Use just once a month anywhere there is standing water (swimming pools, birdbaths, drains). For small areas each disk can be broken into smaller pieces. A card of 6 is available for just $19.95. Enjoy the outdoors again without those pesky mosquitoes.

Summer Salads

Greater Gourmet has a great tasting poppyseed dressing. For a quick summertime salad, using all the wonderful fresh vegetables that are available, cube tomatoes, cucumbers and onions (if your family likes them) and pour the poppyseed dressing over the top. Chill until dinner is ready. Yummy!

Wonderful Cookbook has a wonderful selection of The Gooseberry Patch cookbooks. Almost Homemade lets you use store bought items and add some finishing touches of your own. Definately for the cook that is short on time.