Friday, September 15, 2006

Keep the Dogs and Cats out of the Trash

Here's a great product I use more often than I even thought I would when I bought it. Ropel Animal Repellent from Pest Control Products is an awesome dog and cat repellent that really works to keep the stray cats and dogs out of the trash. No more picking up that disgusting knocked over trash from the curbside trash can. Amazingly enough, this product has even helped to lower my blood pressure! lol

Great Lunchbox Treat for the Kids

You probably wouldn't think to shop at a gourmet store for snacks for your kids lunch, right? Well Greater Gourmet makes treating your kids to the best, not only affordable, but fun too with these Border Chocolate Chip Brownie Snack Cookies. Each is individually wrapped making them fast and easy to pack in school lunches.

Stylish Men's Money Clip Mkaes a Great Gift for the Man in Your Life

I found a classically styled Men's Money Clip from Nag's Tack and Western. It is part of their Montana Silversmith's Collection, a very popular collection with Nag's customers. Styled in silver and gold so it is sure to match all of y our other jewelry. A gift that I would be proud to present to the wonderful man in my life.

Golden Delicious Apple Sauce

Tis the season to enjoy one of natures sweetest fruits! What better way to enjoy fall appples than in a Golden Delicious Apple Sauce from ChickenMash Farm. Made from fresh golden delicious apples. No sugar added or needed. It's delicious!