Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bulk Kosher Foods

Harney and Sons
White Earl Grey White Tea
My sisters and I got together for a sisterhood weekend and in the morning we had this Earl Grey tea. It was absolutely wonderful sitting around the deck early morning, not having the kids screaming for us to make their breakfast, just sipping our tea quietly!

Bulk Kosher Foods Beverages

Bulk Kosher Foods Candy

Jelly Belly
Assorted Sugar Free Beans
We are on a low carb diet and I am also a diabetec, these jelly beans are a great way to have a small sweet snack!!

Bulk Organic Snacks

La ArtesanaOrganic Raspberry Jam
I bought this jam for my husband, and he absolutley enjoys it on bagels. I was able to buy it by the case, so it made great Christmas gifts for his family.

Bulk Gluten Free Foods

Mixes From The Heartland Gluten Free Country Style Biscuit Mix. Each package makes 12-15 mouth watering biscuits.

Worm and Tube Spikes

Spikes are easily inserted into any soft plastic lure. This eliminates the need for any bullet style worm weight. Worm spikes can be inserted so as to balance your bait. Spikes are also make with a unique hole in the end allowing the weight to be inserted in a tube bait. Just insert your offset hook through the tube and spike hole allowing a completely weedless bait.


Herbal Goat Milk Soap

Herbal Sensation Goat Milk Soap is a naturally clean smelling soap from ChickenMash Farm. A refreshing mint fragrance with spearmint and Eucalyptus essential oils and ground spearmint.