Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Stackable Bunny filled with Easter Candy

This Madelaine, Stackable Rabbit is filled with Crispy Eggs. It is so cute, isn't it? I think this would make a unique Easter gift for anyone-friends or family. I found this while shopping for Easter Candy for my children on the Greater Gourmet site. Too Adorable!

Angel Sculpture

Annie Bee's online store has given me more gift ideas then I can count. I am featuring their Angel Collection this week just because it has so many wonderful pieces. To check them out just click on one of the links above.

Warm Vanilla Body Spray

This Warm Vanilla Body Spray from ChickenMash Farm is like comfort food for the skin. It's soothing and relaxing scent just melts the stress of the day away. ChickenMash Farm adds a touch of lotion to all of their body sprays. It really does leave my skin feeling soft and smooth. I haven't found another lotion that's better. Not even the high priced lotions do a better job than these from ChickenMash Farms.

Tack Case for All you Horse Lovers Out There

This Tack Case is a must for all horse lovers. We see an awful lot of these cases at the local horse shows and fairs. Everyone raves about them because they are built to last. Quality through and through. We bought ours at Nag's Tack and Western online and I was shocked to find out the shipping was free! Awesome!

Allure for Pantry Pest Control

If you are looking for information about almost any kind of insect or animal control then I would suggest you check out the Pest Control Products site. They have a solution for everything that bugs you. If food moths are your problem then try this Allure control product. Works great and is an inexpensive solution.