Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Red, White & Blueberry Soy Wax Candle

Show your American Pride by displaying these wonderful Red, White & Blueberry Soy Wax Candles in your home over the Independence Holiday and throughout the year! A summer favorite with a fresh blueberry scent. Available from ChickenMash Farm.

Thomas Fish Camp Cocktail Sauce

It's the perfect time of year to feature a wonderful cocktail sauce. Serve Thomas Fish Camp Cocktail Sauce with fresh seafood for an instant appetizer your family and guests will love. You can order this and many other gourmet food items from Greater Gourmet.

Tree-Berry Paste Bait

Pest Control Products is the #1 source I have found on the net for getting rid of almost any critter! Tree-Berry Paste Bait is my personal favorite, general purpose bait to bait traps. Great on coon & skunk, this sweet smelling paste bait fills the air with its' aromatic scent and is a combination of tree-ripened fruit essences & puree along with an undertone of bush berries Place on your favorite bait holder and position so animal must pass over the pan to reach it.

Nu-Flex Maximizer™ with Ester-C® Horse Flex Products

Nu-Flex Maximizer™ with Ester-C® formula is a balanced blend of joint lubricant (Glucosamine HCl), pain reliever/anti-inflammatory (Yucca) and powerful antioxidants (Vitamins E, C, and Beta-Carotene) in a safe, non-drug, palatable, and affordable complete supplement. Nu-Flex Maximizer™ includes potent enabling ingredients that provide key nutrients for joint health. For more information, check out Nag's Tack and Western site.